Custom Ceramics


Custom Ceramics Ceramic Art produces a wide range of custom ceramic items, all to order and all to the highest standards. Our ability to custom craft an assortment of forms, in a variety of substrates and glazing techniques, allows us to make truly one-of-a-kind items as one-offs or as part of high volume production runs. No matter the scope of your project, no request is too large or small.


And, if you are simply open to the idea of having a piece custom crafted, but aren’t sure whether it is something that could come to fruition, simply get in touch. We are creative misfits who understand the peculiar wanderings of our imaginations, thrilled by the challenge of the unattainable and outlandish concepts that have encouraged us to expand our practice of the art for decades.

Random Offerings

Here are a handful of custom projects in various stages that we’ve been fortunate enough to capture in photographs.